Coupling Alignment

A coupling is the connection of two shafts for the purpose of transmitting power.

Typical coupled-shaft arrangements include Motors and Pumps, gearboxes, fans, compressors & turbines.

Coupling alignment refers to achieving a perfect rotational centreline between the two of more shafts that are coupled together, in order for the shafts to transmit power efficiently.

Coupling Alignment - Three Common Types of Coupling

  • Rigid Couplings
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Spacer Shaft Couplings
Coupling Alignment Coupling Alignment

Rigid Couplings

A rigid coupling is used when precise shaft alignment is required. The Coupling faces are rigid and bolted directly together.

Flexible Couplings (Flexi-Couplings)

A common misnomer surrounding flexible couplings is that they do not require precision alignment as the 'flexibility' of the coupling is designed to accommodate misalignment up to a few degrees. Flexible couplings are designed to reduce some of the shock impact that results when rotating shafts are started up. The coupling and shafts still need to be correctly aligned along the rotational centreline of the two coupled shafts, or the coupling, shafts and machines themselves will suffer from vibration and increased wear leading to plant breakdown.

Spacer Shaft Couplings

A spacer shaft coupling often incorporates a flexible membrane coupling at either end of the spacer shaft. Spacer Shaft Couplings require special consideration when conducting alignment, due to the extra 'pivot-point' that is introduced to the shaft. The Monition system has a special Spacer Shaft Coupling program available which enables perfect alignment of shafts and spacer couplings.

Coupling Alignment

Where misalignment exists in the coupled shafts, the shafts are forced to rotate in an eccentric manner which increases power consumption and creates vibrations and stresses on the shafts, couplings and machines themselves which ultimately result in breakdowns. Shaft and coupling misalignment is the primary contributing factor in over 50% of plant breakdowns.

Conducting Coupling Alignment

Couplings and shafts can be quickly and easily aligned by using a Laser Shaft Alignment system, such as the Monition system.

Laser alignment systems enable coupling alignment to be conducted quickly and easily in the field. Monition a UK market leader for Laser Shaft Alignment Systems.

Coupling Alignment Products

Laser Shaft Alignment System

The Monition laser shaft alignment system is the latest to be launched onto the market. Aimed at a mid-price level, this system is ideal for maintenance technicians needing to perform fast and precise alignment checks for horizontal and vertically mounted plant machinery.

This is the latest addition to the product range with the typical characteristics of a rapid alignment. It is easy to use thanks to the graphic interface, and together with its technical features, such as CCD and line laser in the measurement units with 30 mm large detector surfaces; it will obtain measurement results with a high degree of accuracy. The USB connection allows for fast transferring of measurement results to a PC, which requires no additional external software installed for carrying out the transfer.

This laser shaft alignment system comes with all the basic shaft alignment applications in order to keep rotating machinery aligned. It performs horizontal as well as vertical shaft alignment. The horizontal shaft alignment application includes functions, such as the control of Softfoot condition and Target Values pre-defined values which compensate for the machine's thermal expansion. With the Memory Manager the user can organize his/hers measurement results by creating files and folders.

The Expert Shaft Alignment System

3D colour animations give express results - The whole alignment process is shown on the screen, using 3D animations that are simple to comprehend and will give you an alignment jump-start when using this tool. Figures and arrows show the measurement results and any requirement for alignment. Colour coded values simplify and speed up the interpretation of the results. No expertise in alignment is required in order to use this system.

Wireless data transfer - Wireless transmitters allow the elimination of wires connecting the transmitters-detectors to the display unit. They also increase your mobility to move around with the display box in your work place, which comes in handy when you measure the machine couplings at one place and make alignment adjustments at another.

Express mode - When you turn the shaft, the system registers the three measurement points automatically. It takes you through the measurement and alignment process faster compared to the traditional methods, such as the Tripoint Method and the Clock Method.

Coupling Alignment Services

Monition Engineers provide onsite coupling alignment services across the UK. Monition Coupling Alignment engineers are experienced and trained in the alignment of horizontally and vertically mounted rotating equipment. Monition is a registered member of the National Britannia Safecontractor Scheme and all Engineers hold approved Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Safe Contractor Safety Passports.

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