Horizontally Mounted Shaft Alignment

Monition provide horizontal alignment services for rotating equipment throughout the UK.

Our team of service engineers are highly experienced in measuring and performing shaft alignment, as well as other condition monitoring services such as Vibration Monitoring, Thermography and Electric Motor Testing.

Horizontally Mounted Shaft Alignment

Paper Mill Horizontal Shaft System

Paper Mill Horizontal Shaft System

A horizontally mounted machine is the most frequent application regarding shaft alignment. In every industry, there are numerous installations, such as drives for fluid pumps, fans, gearboxes, transportation of goods, blenders etc.

The Monition Shaft Alignment System can be used to measure and align Horizontally mounted machines.

Industrial Applications for Horizontal Shaft Alignment:

  • Shaft Alignment of Motors, in manufacturing, processing, mining, aggregates, printing, wind turbines, marine, pulp & paper, power generation, oil & gas and petrochemicals
  • Alignment of Industrial Gearbox Shafts, in manufacturing, processing, mining, aggregates, printing, wind turbines & marine applications
  • Alignment of Industrial Pumps in factories, wastewater, pumping stations
  • Alignment of Propeller Shafts in marine applications
  • Alignment of Mixer Shafts
  • Alignment of Fan Shafts

Easy to Use Alignment System

Three readings are required to determine the machine position. The tripoint method provides a quick and easy way to register the readings. The result is instantly displayed on the screen.

Horizontal Alignment Tool Display

Vertical shaft alignment with our shaft Alignment System. The result screen shows the current position of the motor. The measured motor has 8 bolts where the lowest positioned bolt is set to 0. This provides easy adjustments and clearly outlines the necessary shimming.

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