Shaft Alignment Services

Shaft Alignment Training

Monition provide training on all shaft alignment Equipment. The ability to align rotating machinery accurately and quickly is an often overlooked but critical skill. At Monition we use our 25 years plus of experience in alignment of rotating machinery and large scale metrology to help you, whatever system or method you choose, with every stage of the process. From training, equipment, and technical support to all the tools and accessories you may need, shims, shim stock and custom made shims, side adjusters, practice rigs, tools.

If there is misalignment between two machines, such as a motor and pump, then the two shafts will rotate in an eccentric fashion, placing undue stresses on the shafts, coupling, and the units themselves. The result of shaft misalignment is inevitably a plant breakdown, normally due to increased wear rates inflicted upon bearings, mechanical seals and other internal components.

Monition is a specialist Shaft Alignment company providing onsite in-situ Shaft Alignment services and also supplying specialist Laser Shaft Alignment systems.

Industrial Applications for Shaft Alignment

Shaft Alignment of Motors, in manufacturing, processing, mining, aggregates, printing, wind turbines, marine, pulp & paper, power generation, oil & gas, petrochemicals etc

  • Alignment of Industrial Gearbox Shafts, in manufacturing, processing, mining, aggregates, printing, wind turbines, marine, etc
  • Alignment of Industrial Pumps in factories, wastewater, pumping stations, etc
  • Alignment of Propeller Shafts in marine applications
  • Alignment of Mixer Shafts
  • Alignment of Fan Shaft

Shaft Alignment Services

Monition’s on-site Shaft Alignment service will help you get rotating machinery operating within manufacturers’ tolerances, in no time - giving you the confidence that equipment is correctly installed and running smoothly.

Monition provides ISO accredited onsite services, across the UK, with all Engineers Safety-Contractor registered.

Shaft Alignment Products

The fastest and safest way of aligning a rotating machine is by using a laser-based Shaft Alignment system. Professional service technicians use systems to perform alignment measurements and corrections in the field.

Monition shaft alignment systems are characterised by their:

  • Easy-to-operate icon interface (minimal training required)
  • precision measurement of alignment to fine tolerances
  • unique line-laser technology which eliminates the need to perform rough-alignment
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity of laser transmitters / receivers
  • Full-Colour LCD Touch screen

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