Wind Turbine Alignment

To maximise energy transmission efficiency, reduce premature failure and prolong the life of your turbines requires attention to one simple factor. Ensuring that the alignment between all the rotating components is correct.

Over 50% of all mechanical failures can be directly attributed to mis-alignment, in the wind turbine business failures can be both costly and dangerous. It is vital for both manufacturers and operators that this critical task can be accomplished safely, easily, quickly and fully documented to provide the required tracability.

Wind Turbine Alignment

For over 25 years Monition has been working with many of the leading installers of wind turbines and their owners to develop simple equipment and methods to allow engineers to measure and align power trains precisely yet quickly during build and ongoing service life. With each manufacturer having their own specific challenges arising from individual design and application. For example shafts that can’t be rotated or limits to where the laser system heads can be attached, most of which requires custom fit brackets and fixtures to match individual specific configurations. Monition has taken up this challenge working with the individual installers to design and manufacture the required solution of fixtures for both initial installation and ongoing service life.

The range support now includes Siemens, Vestas, GE, Mitsubishi, Gamesa, Kenersys, Suzlon, and Nordex, to mention just a few. This is all backed up by our experts and customer support partners. In the UK Monition provide a range of equipment and services. Monition have many years in providing Condition Monitoring services to the UK industry, Our support services include repair and calibration of all types of shaft alignment equipment, hire services for when you need additional systems and, most importantly, training and 24 hour technical support.

Moniton - The system of choice for the market leaders

Since its launch the Monition's laser shaft alignment offering has quickly become the standard ‘kit’ for many of the leading turbine manufacturers. This is not so surprising as it was designed with major input from the users themselves. It was industry who asked for its simple one touch operation , animated move display, cable free (wireless) operation to aid ease of use and safety. In addition to preconfigured real time compound moves assist in accurate and quick results.

But their primary request was that it should be just easy to use, straight out of the box.

This required a completely different way of thinking and a fundamental re-design of the basic measurement technology was needed. Using the 30 mm wide sensors, with a dual laser line rather than a single laser spot, as maximised the range over which the system can work and virtually removes the need for any rough alignment at all. You can measure and adjust from the moment you place the item down on the bedplate. Without any shims. Add the class leading accuracy, soft foot check, machine train alignment tools, all with real time measurement and adjustment guides it is no wonder it has become the tool of choice for Siemens and many other manufacturers and engineers all over the world. To aid the need for ease of transport and hands free operation the introduction of the Upad display unit completes tha family of tool design to support the wind industry.

Wind Turbine Alignment Training

The alignment of wind turbines has become one of the critical parts of installation and ongoing maintenance practice. Failure of gear boxes can be massively expensive, especially off shore. Due to their configuration it is often difficult to carry out with conventional alignment equipment, which generally require that you can rotate both shafts. This is often impossible or not allowed due to safety issues and space constraints. The variety of design and configurations means we have had to to come up with some different ways using brackets specially designed for the different manufacturers set ups. Our alignment training courses show you how to carry out alignment measurements and adjustments for most of the common turbine manufacturers including Siemens, Vestas, GE, Mitsubishi, Gamesa, Kenersys, Suzlon, and Nordex, to mention just a few. The courses are presented either at our UK or Gothenburg training centres , or we can come to your facility, it’s up to you.

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